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June 4th, 2010

I was presenting a magazine design in Paris yesterday, the preparation for which goes some way towards explaining my lack of posts, tweets, sleep etc in the last week. So I missed the chance to comment in a timely fashion on the Times website and the great ipad magazine layout debate.

After the meeting I had a late train back to London so I managed to spend some time in one of Paris’ very civilised book shops, where I found this…


Yes it’s a big, fat, heavy book of front pages of Libération, from a pre-launch zero number in Feb 1967 up to November 2009. Mainly fronts but some inside pages too, and some essays from founding editor Serge July and others. Haven’t had much time to read the text yet, but so far a quick scan reveals no mention of the great designers who’ve contributed so much to Libé over the years. The photographers get credits; maybe I just need to read it properly to find that the designers are acknowledged too. It would be a great shame if not. But I can’t begin to say how exciting it is too see so many amazing Libération front pages, most from the pre-mac days when it was really hard to do this stuff. Totally inspiring. A random selection follows, but to see it all — buy this book!








  1. Comment by Diego — June 5, 2010 @ 12:17 am

    I simply want one of those…

  2. Comment by wc — June 12, 2010 @ 12:01 am

    hey Mark.
    just found you today as I investigated the Bloomberg BW redesign.

    thank you for the link to the iA iPad commentary. I’m trying to pay attention to this emerging realm of interaction design despite not having one of these bad boys.

    have you seen this Macintosh iPad dock? heh.

  3. Comment by wc — June 12, 2010 @ 1:01 am

    oof, that iA writeup was critical, but well reasoned.

    thanks for leading me to some resources today.

    both of your sites >> subscribed!

  4. Comment by Pedro Silmon — June 22, 2010 @ 10:51 am

    I love the punchiness of the Liberation covers you’ve chosen. Your coming across it almost at random reminds me of my arrival in Munich – where I went to art direct German ELLE – in 1996, where it just happened that a big exhibition of Twen editor/art director Willy Fleckhaus’s work was on show at The Stadtmuseum. The catalogue is one of my most treasured possessions. If ever I find time, I hope to write something on my own blog about Fleckhaus’s influence on British magazine design in the 60s and early 70s. Good luck with the new career; you did an amazing job with The Guardian.

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